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We are a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. You can find our core beliefs at 


Our local congregagation's mission is:

Sharing God's Word ... So All May Know Christ's Love


Here's a little breakdown of what each part means for us:

Sharing – We don't know it all, but we can share it all: listening to God's word, telling God's story, and learning to live as God's children together along the way. Sharing is essentially serving - that's what we are called to do in our lives.

God’s Word – The core of the good news is this: Jesus Christ, son of God, came down from heaven, lived, suffered, died and rose again for you so that you might have forgiveness of sin, and new, eternal life in him (beginning right now!)

So All – God sent his only son for the sake of ... the world... that's everyone - all people.

May Know –Knowing is hearing and receiving the gift of faith. God's grace shapes our daily lives, purpose, and being. 

Christ’s Love – Christ's love is not just a conditional affection or "feel-good" emotion. It is the enduring, abiding, saving presence of the Word made flesh. It is pure promise. It is joy, laughter, courage and peace. It is the basis of what many call ... hope.


If you really want to check out some of what we believe in terms of interpretation of scripture, please check out Martin Luther's "Small Catechism!" It's worth a read.